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Attaches to your cane, walker, wheelchair or other ambulatory device

Dual-Activated Alarm:
  • Manual push button
  • Plus Tilt-Activated alarm that senses when ambulatory device has tipped over
On/Off Tilt Switch

Low Battery light

Batteries Included!
The Sure Alert® audible alarm device is designed to attach to an ambulatory care aid. A loud built-in alarm will activate when the ambulatory care aid is tilted approximately 30 degrees, or by pressing one of the two easilly accessible manual push buttons (one button is on the base unit, while other is attached to the extension cord, which can be positioned where desired on your ambulatory device).

The tilt-activation feature initiates the alarm upon tilting of the ambulatory device. This could occur as a result of the user falling along with the ambulatory device or due to the ambulatory device falling over by itself. There is an approximate ten second delay in the activation of the tilt alarm to allow the user to pick up the unit if it should accidentally fall.

U.S. Patent #6,163,249 and Canadian Patent #2,348,623